Michigan’s West Coast

Since the beginning of the summer I’ve been trying to do 400-600 mile rides on as many of my days off during the week as I can.  Since I enjoyed this ride so much during the spring, I thought I’d do it again.

Gear:  Arai Quantum 2 helmet, First Gear Monarch TPG jacket, Joe Rocket Phoenix 2.0 mesh pants, Sokz Riding socks (Arrow), Alpinestars Web Gortex boots.

Mileage:  427 miles total, 40 on expressway, 10 on dirt, and the rest on West Michigan two lane beautiful twisties!!


Trip Photos :

My GPS sent me down about 10 miles of dirt.  Dual-sport Ninja!!

Ludington Pump Station – uses turbines to pump water from Lake Michigan uphill into a reservoir.  During times of peak power water is released from the reservoir to generate power.

Two of Everything Breakfast – House of Flavors, Ludington, MI

Ninja at Ludington Light

Ramsdell Theatre – Manistee, MI theater opened in 1903.  Where James Earl Jones started his career.

Lake Michigan Overlook north of Arcadia, MI

I think I was bordering on delirious when I took this shot – LOL…blurry biker bitch?

Point Betsie Lighthouse

South Manitou Islands taken from Pierce Stock Drive Overlook in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  The Chippewa legend about Sleeping Bear Dunes can be found HERE.


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New bow came just before I headed north for rifle season.  Picked up a used PSE Ghost for a decent price on E-Bay, 40 lb limbs and an ILF riser.  I need Hans and Frans to pump me up, I can draw it but it ain’t pretty 😂. For the time being I’ll stick to my 35 lb and work on form. #psearchery #recurvebow #recurve #archery #tradbow #traditionalarchery Yukon was so happy he got to go into the shop today!  He always loves when he finds new people to give him butt scratchins’ 😂 #labmix #blacklab #labradorretriever #labsofinstagram #rescuedog #muttsofinstagram #michigan #flyshop #olddogsrule #seniordog Took my buck into the DNR check station yesterday.  As a scientist, it’s part of the process I really enjoy.  They aged him at at least 3 1/2 years old, possibly 4 1/2, antler bases measured 29 mm and 31mm. @michigandnr #whitetailhunting #deerhunting #rifleseason2017 #riflehunting #michigan #buck #whitetail #deer #antler #buck The heart from my buck was huge!  This is destined for anticuchos, can’t wait! #deerheart #hunting #whitetailhunting #deerhunting #rifleseason2017 #michigan
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