Country Roads – Day Two


Unfortunately, the nifty little alarm clock application that I downloaded for my Mac didn’t work as my computer went into sleep mode. I had it set to wake me up to John Denver’s “Country Roads” but I had to rely on my internal alarm clock which decided 6:30 am was the best time to wake up.

Something in the area had my allergies kicking full blast and my eyes looked like I had grocery bags under them. A dose of Allegra and a couple shots of Flonase.

Looking out the window I was treated to a beautiful sunrise and what looked like a very chilly morning (turned out to be 45 degrees).

I hopped into the shower for my last shower of the weekend, got things packed up and headed down for breakfast (mmm…Raisin Bran). While I was loading up the bike, I met a nice guy that said he was a rider and had taken his Harley back and forth across the country. We chatted for a few minutes and he wished me a safe trip.

Back on US-250, I headed into what I figured was Ohio Amish country. At one point there were more horse and buggies than cars on the road. It was very bizarre to see them tied up outside stores and gas stations.

My negative opinion of Ohio (and it’s lack of scenery in the north) was lifted as I went further south through rolling farmland and gently curving roads.

Before I knew it, I was entering Wheeling, WV, a beautiful historic town along the Ohio River.  There were huge old brick “skyscrapers” with murals.  It was very chaotic with a lot of traffic so I ended up bypassing pictures.

Beautiful views and curvy roads led me to a little town called Cameron, WV.  I stopped and filled up the tank, got a Mt. Dew and a roast beef sandwich with horseradish cheese.

It’s funny how sitting next to a parked motorcycle makes you the talk of town.  Several people passed by and said hi and commented on my Michigan license plate.  One woman said, “You must be some kind of woman riding that motorcycle all the way from Michigan!”

For some reason, I really liked that little town, everybody seemed to know everyone else, it felt like home.

Still following US-250, I passed through Philippi, WV where the highway passed through and excellent covered  bridge from the civil war era.  I stopped near the bridge and chatted with some other motorcyclists and enjoyed watching traffic through town.

Over to Elkins, WV where I caught US-33 over to Seneca Rocks.  I had seen this rock structure online and since it was on the way I thought what the heck.  My digital zoom showed me two rock climbers sitting up on top, how cool!!

Across the street was Yocum’s Vacationland, a general store, motel, campground and restaurant.  I needed some food to cook for dinner so to Yocum’s I went.

The amazing selection of produce and fresh foods (NOT) left me settling on beef flavored ramen and a block of sharp cheddar.  Since I’m a genius and forgot utensils, I also picked up the only spoon they had, a giant slotted spoon.

Time to head to the campground I had picked out.  I must have forgotten I set my GPS to shortest route instead of fastest route and I ended up on some very rural country roads.

After a few miles I crossed a cattle guard…open range land in West VA?  Sure enough, up around the corner stood a very large black cow standing on the side of the road along with about 30 others and some sheep thrown in for good measure.  They certainly didn’t cover livestock and their final products in my motorcycle safety class!!

I’m very glad I ended up on those roads as they provided me with some of the most beautiful views of the entire trip.

Back onto the main road, I found the entrance to Smoke Hole Canyon which would lead me to the campground.  This road didn’t disappoint either.  The first several miles were paved with the last 5 miles being rutted dirt, all of it along the Potomac River.

Finally I saw the sign for Big Bend Campground and pulled up and talked to Ginnie, the campground host.  She recommended site 24 in the upper part of the campground which didn’t disappoint.

She brought me a lantern when she noticed I was setting up my tent using the Ninja’s headlights and a nice big bundle of firewood.

After filling up my belly with ramen and cheese, and my fire failing dismally, I headed to the tent.  After an hour or so of waking to every little noise (fire started back up and was flickering and raccoons invaded my site) I slept like a baby.


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