First Snow

It was inevitable, it held off for a while this year, but while I was sleeping it crept in and covered everything…the first snow of the winter!!  When I went to bed last night, the deck only had about 4 inches on it, not too bad.  This morning when I went to let the dogs out, I looked out and not only was there about 10 inches of snow accumulate (thanks you lake effect), but the trellis covering one half of my deck had been ripped from he house.

Back of the house – I guess the weight of the snow ripped thr trellis from the house 😦

Thankfully, the drive in wasn’t too horrendous, but I now believe all Michiganders should be required to have a summer and winter driver’s license.  It happens every year people, it’s called snow, it does NOT require you to drive like a moron!!!  Also, if the parking spots at work are angled WITHOUT snow, the parking spots at work are angled WITH snow – don’t take up 3 spots by parking straight.

It must have snowed quite a bit while I was at work (now windows in the lab), when I got home my tracks from the morning were completely covered and I couldn’t make it to the garage.

My car stuck at the end of the driveway

After an hour of shoveling (with frisbee breaks of course) – I’m pretty sure the dogs enjoyed this MUCH more than I did.  I’m sure I’m gonna feel the burn in the morning – anyone have a snowblower for sale 🙂

Almost done

I tried to get a nice snow shot of the kids, but Yukon decided to imitate Jaws

Frisbee stops for NOTHING!!!

Snow dogs


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