First Ride

After several months of chomping at the bit to get out and ride, the day finally came!!  Saturday the forecast was for 45 degrees and sun, what better day for my first ride of the year?  Friday after work, I spent a coupe of hours chipping the ice off the driveway in a path wide enough for my bike to get down (uggh…good workout 🙂

Saturday afternoon I donned all my gear (felt like that little kid from “A Christmas Story”) and headed for the shop.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with that idea, tons of riders were out and the shop was full.  I hung out for a while and had some much needed Mt. Dew, then headed back out.  Total, I only rode about 60 miles, but a ride is a ride and I was happy!!  Yesterday was my first commute into work on the bike of the year and I managed to ride in again today.  Hopefully I can keep my car in the garage more and more (keep the sun coming)!!

Starting mileage on the Ninja for the years:  20, 637 miles – I hope to have that well over 30,000 miles by year’s end.

I’m currently in the process of transferring the current blog onto WordPress as I’m using a Windows based netbook for my big trip instead of my Macbook so please bear with me.  I should have everything done fairly soon.


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This is what I walked in to see when I got to work today 😂. My long time coworkers readily admitted that with the antics of my early adulthood, they didn't think I'd live to see this milestone 😬 #birthday #40thbirthday #thebig40 Mira wasn't thrilled about the hike back to the Jeep yesterday morning.  After I pulled the bear bag down and grabbed her treats, she perked up and was ready to go!  Our second backpacking trip went well, she was much more at ease sleeping in the tent.  I'm so glad my old girl still is fit and spry and can share these adventures with me!  #australianshepherd #australianshepherdsofinstagram #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #backpackingwithdogs #backpacking #camping #campingwithdogs #hiking #hikingwithdogs #northcountrytrail #tahquamenonfalls #michigan #olddogsrule #seniordog People watching at Upper Tahquamenon Falls. #australianshepherd #australianshepherdsofinstagram #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #herdingdog #tahquamenonfalls #michigan #waterfall #puremichigan #ruffwear #olddogsrule #seniordog I don't think any photo could better demonstrate Mira's look of displeasure at me interrupting her attempt to drink Lake Superior in its entirety than this one does 😂 #australianshepherd #australianshepherdsofinstagram #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #lakesuperior #michigan #upperpeninsula #crisppointlighthouse #dog #water
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