Well, Monday wasn’t a very exciting day on the road, aside from my first glitch of the trip.

I loaded up the bike after a decent night of sleep and started up the trusty SPOT tracker.  Turned on OK and seemed to be working but when I stopped an hour or so later, I noticed the red GPS light was blinking.  After a few calls to family my fears were confirmed, it wasn’t sending tracks.

First call to SPOT customer service left me wanting to reach through the phone and punch someone.  The guy I spoke to first told me to move to a more open area.  Umm…I’m in a truck stop parking lot off of I-44 near Stanton, MO how much more open can it get?!?!  He then said, “Well, it seems as though your unit has stopped working.  When you return from your trip you can return it for a replacement unit.”

I nearly lost my cool but kindly told him the only reason for the purchase of said SPOT was for this trip.  He said I could call back if it was still not working and speak to a manager.

Thankfully, the second call was the lucky one.  The lady I spoke with ran through a couple of things to confirm the unit was dead then asked for a address where she could overnight a new SPOT.  YAY, someone with a brain!!  They had a replacement on the way to my stop for the next day…Albuquerque, NM.

Once again, my sappy “missing the dogs” side showed again when I passed through Yukon, OK where my favorite water tower painted “You’ll ♥ Yukon” resides.  I’ll admit, I got a little teary missing my big black puppy.

How could you not love this guy?

After cruisin’ around on Route 66 through El Reno, OK looking for a place to get an Okie onion burger, I called it a night at the Days Inn.


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