Pre Race Trials and Tribulations

The week had finally come, Sunday would be my return to racing hare scrambles, with this return would come a fair amount of work and well some errors and frustration on my part.

Monday after my exhausting ride at Holton Loop, I came home and decided to do a “quick” oil change…well it should have been quick.  Apparently, I have no spacial reasoning while working on something upside down because as I was loosening the drain bolt (using my lefty loosey righty tighty :-)) I neglected to remember that the bolt was upside down and in fact I was overtightening the bolt.  Once I realized this, I backed off the bolt and SNAP… oil started draining out and I suddenly had a broken drain bolt in my oily palm.  I’m definitely glad Andy came riding up the driveway at the moment, if he hadn’t I’m quite sure my temper would have gotten the best of me and tools would have been chucked across the street!!

Being the great guy he his, Andy volunteered to take my bike in to the shop on his day off to see if he could fix it for me.  After fretting all day about how much damage I had done (I read way too much about people cracking their case doing what I had done) he told me that it took all of five minutes and an easy out to repair the damage I had done…phew disaster averted!!

Finally, Friday came along and I didn’t have to work late so I figured I’d get a nice ride in and make sure everything was working well.  The first mile or so went great shortly after, the bike started to make funny noises and then at about 3 miles out it died and refused to come back to life.  My first thought was to check the spark plug, but in my infinite wisdom I neglected to bring along tools so my only choice was to hoof it back to the parking lot.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice long hike in the woods but after about a mile of pushing a 150 pound bike through the woods in full moto gear I was close to curling up and overnighting it in the Manistee National Forest!!  But dreams of pizza and Mt. Dew kept me pressing on until I saw…is it a mirage?!?!  No, it’s an oasis in this deciduous jungle AKA the parking lot.  I’m just glad I got loaded up and on my way before the mosquitoes carried me off to their lair.

Sure enough when I got home and we pulled the spark plug it was fouled.  The best we can figure it was due to an over rich mixture caused by me getting to the bottom of my gas can and not doing a great job of mixing it.  Saturday morning I got to practice my siphoning skills to drain out the tank and start fresh.  Just for the record gas tastes disgusting!!  After a bit more work and a little helping getting my numbers on my bike was ready for the next day’s race.

New HS Numbers


3 Responses to “Pre Race Trials and Tribulations”

  1. 1 Astir
    August 2, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    ahhh so you should have kept that siphon after all! LOL…

  2. 2 Jessie
    August 2, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    Good luck at the race! Be careful out there.


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