Log Road MX Hare Scramble

Up at 5:30 am I hopped in the shower (not sure why), got dressed and loaded up the trailer and the car.  Andy’s not much for getting up this early but after a bit of prodding he was up and around.  A few delays caused us to leave a little a later than I wanted to so I was pretty frantic for most of the 2 hour drive to Log Road MX track.

As Andy unloaded my bike and got stuff ready, I headed down to registration.  I settled down a little when I realized the quads had just started their one hour race so I had plenty of time and didn’t have to frantically gear up.  After watching the quads race for a bit I geared up and drank a couple of bottles of water.

Soon the announcer was calling for a rider’s meeting and we were on our way to start the parade lap.  The bike started ride up then instantly stalled, I figured I was replaying my ride the other day until Andy suggested I check to see whether the gas was on…NOPE…OOPS…not surprisingly it started up fine with gas 🙂

The parade lap was a challenge, the lap started off on the MX and dipped into the woods, the uphill rutted turns and log crossing were alot of fun but shortly after came the bogs.  I’m surprised small children weren’t swallowed into the black muck along with their bikes!!

Back to the start, and after a couple gulps of Gatorade I was lined up in with the ‘T’ group ready to start.  I love the time before the first wave goes off.  Since the hare scrambles are a dead start there is complete silence until the flag goes up and first group of engines start and buzz away.

Starting line nerves

I generally have pretty bad  nerves until the race starts, that was the case for this race as well.  I think I was off the line in third or fourth and rolled around the track until it ducked into the woods.  Just as in the parade laps, kids on little bikes were getting stuck in the bogs or sliding out on slimy roots…thankfully there were helpers to get them unstuck and on their way again.

The first couple of laps felt great and I wasn’t nearly fatigued as I was when racing on my CRF 150F, 100 pounds sure does make a difference when lifting a bike up from a crash!!  I was in fourth place when I came through for my last lap and as I was heading into the downhill right turn into the woods from the track I hit a braking bump or something and the bike pitched me onto my head.  To add insult to injury, the back end of the bike came back around and slammed into the back of my head.

If I were in my 20’s still I probably would have finished out the lap but being the old lady I am, I had the track worker lead me off the track.  My head was only spinning a little while I took off my disgustingly muddy gear, I’m guessing the white pants weren’t the best option 🙂  I ended up in 5th place out of 12, I won’t neglect to state that 6th through 12th place were DNF’s.  I had a blast and look forward to the next race in a couple of weeks, now I just need to get into shape!!

Pics from the track portion

Do these pants make my butt look fast?  LOL…couldn’t resist!!


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