Pups Go West 2012 – Day 3

It’s always unnerving waking up with the feeling that someone or something is watching you.  That was the feeling I had when waking suddenly at 5am on our first morning in Utah.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t the usual staring suspect (Mira), Yukon’s fuzzy black figure was the one hovering over me.  Assuming he wanted to eat, I told him to go back to sleep so I could have an hour or so more rest.  It was freezing in the Jeep so I invited the little snuggle dog Mira to climb in my bag…instant warmth!

My plan was to start the day out with a quick drive down Kane Creek Blvd. past Hunter’s Canyon.  I’ve ridden this road several times on my motorcycle and after traveling it in the Jeep, I’m not sure why I’d ever do it on the Ninja 🙂  Lots of washboard bumps and steep switchbacks…perfect for a KLR or GS not so much for a sportbike!

Campgrounds were still packed for the night so I drove with the dogs up to Green River and grabbed a cheap motel to do some laundry and relax while planning the following day…Temple Mountain Rd. and Goblin Valley State Park in the morning.


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