Pups Go West 2012 – Day 4

After poring over the Utah Recreation Map and the Gazetteer, my plan for the day was to explore Black Dragon Canyon and it’s pictographs, visit Swasey’s Cabin, explore along Temple Mountain Rd ending up at Goblin Valley State Park for the evening.  Well, I accomplished two of the four planned stops for the day – driving Temple Mountain Rd. and Goblin Valley State Park.

Heading west out of Green River, I had my eyes peeled looking for the ranch exit that led to Black Dragon Canyon.  Argggh…blew right past it and decided it would have to wait for another trip.  I started making my way toward Swasey’s Cabin and decided to turn around at a washed out area as I was concerned about the Jeep’s (and my) ability to navigate rougher obstacles.   Temple Mountain Rd. turned out to be a nice, scenic back road.

CrossroadsTemple Mountain Road Sign

A little frisbee at the base of Temple Mountain to occupy the dogs (and a Pawsitive Vybe cameo appearance)templemtfrisbee

Tired dogs after an impromptu frisbee session at the base of Temple Mountainyukmiratemplemt1

I arrived at Goblin Valley State Park campground early afternoon, chose site #1 and after paying for a night heading into Hanksville to pick up supplies.  Back at camp, I got the firewood and kindling ready for later in the evening and made some lunch (gourmet Ramen noodles with canned chicken – LOL).

Making lunch and kindling before an afternoon hike at Goblin Valley State ParkMaking Kindling

The sun was quite hot so I waited until late afternoon to take the dogs for a hike.  I had picked out the short Entrada Canyon hike from the brochure.  Though it was short, it sounded interesting, running through an arroyo until it opened up into the field of hoodoo formations that Goblin Valley is known for.

Ready to roll – the first portion of the hike made its way across this hot, dried mud landscapeenteringentrada

As we hiked further into the canyon, the temperature increased – what was intended to be a short, easy afternoon hike turned into a panicky fiasco.  Yukon became increasingly sluggish as the sloping muddy walls closed in.  Mira’s pack came in handy as it carries 1L of water which I used to dump on an overheating Yukon head so we could get back to camp.  I’m generally pretty good at reading how my dogs are feeling, but I dropped the ball on this one.  At one point, my furry black buddy stopped dead in the middle of the trail, laid on the ground and refused to move.  We continued this pattern of stopping, wetting Yukon’s head and getting water into him for the mile back to our campsite.

This is what most of the hike looked like (sorry for the lens flare)entrada1

Yukon and Mira taking a cool down break in Entrada Canyonentradacanyon2

Mira basking in the sun on a break from hiking Entrada Canyonmiraentrada

We got back to camp fine, and after filling Yukon with more water, we loaded into the Jeep and drove down to the valley overlook and explored the endless hoodoos with the Henry Mountains in the distance.

Mira climbing around the hoodoosDesert Dreaming

Mira with the Henry Mountains in the distancemiragoblin1

One of the many interesting hoodoos in Goblin Valleyhoodoo1

Climbing on hoodoos – Mira, Yukon and me in shadow

After the amazing sunset in the valley, we headed back to camp and started a campfire while the moon rose over the red rock walls surrounding the campground.  Although I know it’s not the best for me, I stuck a can of beanless chili in the fire and ate it with bread (I know, camp gourmet). 

After a frustrating previous day (scary incident on the trail with the dogs and an asthma attack) it was nice to sit by the fire with Mira on my lap and Yukon at my side.  The only way I could think to describe it was explosive bliss…the perfect end to a great day.


2 Responses to “Pups Go West 2012 – Day 4”

  1. February 22, 2013 at 6:34 am

    Love the PVybe Disc, Stacey… nice to see some green in that desert…

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