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Shortly after Mom died, Dad handed me a check that she had written to me right before she was gone. Dad thinks it was for my birthday. I decided to buy something that would last forever and that I’d use a lot so I picked up this @alaskaguidecreations Kodiak C.U.B. to replace the stretchy strap Bino harness I was using before. It’s been so awesome for this trip!! It’s not too big and will be perfect for everything from deer hunting to winter squirrel hunting! #binoharness #hunting #antelopehunting #wyoming #publiclandowner #keepitpublic #publiclandhunting
In Michigan we have people performing birth control procedures on deer. I’m convinced that in Wyoming, they implant antelope with @onxhunt chips so they know exactly where the public/private land boundaries are. I’d be a big fat liar if I said I wasn’t frustrated!! Tomorrow I’m going to try and backpack in to a huge section of BLM land about 4 miles out, it’s connected to the BLM land I have been hunting by a 600 yard wide section with private on each side. Thank goodness for onX and Gaia GPS, otherwise it’d be seriously challenging to navigate. Today I saw many cows and sheep, loads of cow shit, many blaze orange hats and one coyote. #hunting #antelopehunting #publiclandowner #publiclandhunting #wyoming #keepitpublic
My commentary on the mud today 😂 #hunting #antelopehunting #publiclandhunting #publiclandowner #keepitpublic #mud #dannerboots #wyoming
My first day of antelope hunting didn’t result in any antelope sightings but the only word I can use to describe it is epic. Sticky, thick mud making my boots feel like they weighed 10 lbs made navigating the rough, broken terrain even more difficult. I did kick 4 mule deer bucks out of their bed in a little wash which was neat! I tore my pants on barbed wire (I’m less than graceful at navigating that evil stuff). And, on my hike back, I saw a plump little cottontail, fur aglow in the evening light. Would this be my first rabbit? Apparently not, I shot twice and missed twice. After that the rabbit figured I was too stupid to make him dinner and bolted. I was sleeping by 730! #hunting #publiclandhunting #publiclandowner #blm #wyoming #antelope #antelopehunting
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