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Hitting the Wall AKA Learning to Climb

Climbing has always been a sport (art form) that has intrigued me. There are various reasons that until recently I hadn’t tried it – intimidation, bad shoulders, location and so on. Thankfully, a couple of weeks ago, a friend informed me that Grand Rapids Hiking Meetup group was heading to the local climbing gym, Inside Moves, all experience levels welcome. I instantly signed up for the Meetup group and RSVP’d – YES!!!

After a night of learning the basics of belaying, bouldering, climbing and knot tying we spent the evening navigating routes and socializing. Not only did I meet some really nice people, I realized that I would be able to climb and the intimidation was all in my head. The next day, I picked out some basic gear and anxiously awaited its arrival. Weather and work (Ok, I’ll admit – very sore muscles) kept me from trying again until this past Thursday night.

Since I had already been to one of the local gyms, I thought it would be interesting to see what another had to offer. Unfortunately, their bouldering wall had all the holds removed for an upcoming competition. All day, the one thing I could think about was how anxious I was to get back in the climbing gym so I headed back to Inside Moves. One of my big concerns was getting in an experienced climber’s way but while paying for a day pass I was assured that being an absolute beginner was not a problem.

I donned my shiny new (very tight) climbing shoes and made my way over to the bouldering walls. Apparently I not only didn’t know I was doing, but I looked like I didn’t know I was doing because after a few minutes of struggling, an older gentleman came over and started chatting with me and giving me tips (beta as I would come to find out). Joe told me he started climbing 12 years ago at 75 years old looked like he was going strong and would be for quite some time! It just goes to show, you’re never too old to try something new!

Over and over, with the help of Joe and another kind woman who had been climbing for 2 years, I attempted to less-than-skillfully muscle my way up the various routes/problems.  At last, I was able to complete one of the easiest problems…I was elated! After working on that same problem until I ripped the skin off of four of my fingers, I tried a few other problems before packing up my shoes, thanking everybody and heading home with a big grin on my face. The following day, I had a hard time tying my own shoes, but that didn’t matter I was hooked!

Easing the pain of my skinned fingers with a Big Sky Trout Slayer


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Colorful Colorado only showed me white today ❄️ Side note, every season is Chaco season!! I’m glad I have a few more days before I have to work because I’m not sure how I’m going to transition back to regular shoes 😫 #roadtrip #utah #colorado #sandals #snow #snowstorm #colorfulcolorado #chaconation #chacosandals #spring
Well, our time in Utah has come to an end (technically the photo is in Arizona 😜). We’re starting our journey back to Michigan this morning after an awesome trip! Yesterday I drove through the Tribal Park portion of Monument Valley after years of driving through on the highway. Cache is sporting his Ruffwear “Monument Valley” color scheme leash and collar while posing at north window overlook. . . . . . #australianshepherd #aussies #aussiesofinstagram #aussielovers #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogoftheday #australianshepherdworld #australianshepherdsofinstagram #aussie #dogsofinsta #aussiesdoingthings #monumentvalley #monumentvalleytribalpark #utah #arizona #adventuredog #roadtrip #mydogismy #optoutside #navajonation
I’m so fortunate to have this little dog in my life. She may be geriatric but she’s still running up and down rock faces (albeit more slowly than she did as a younger dog), sprinting around the desert after her brother and posing like a super model for photos. She’s definitely my soul dog ❤️ . . . . . #aussiesdoingthings #dogsofinsta #aussielove #bluemerle #aussie #australianshepherdsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #bluemerleaussie #instadog #aussiesofinstagram #australianshepherdworld #australianshepherd #adventure #adventuredog #seniordog #olddogsrule #utah #mydogismy #optoutside
Mira and Cache were great at giving their Aunt Melissa some canyoneering tips this morning on our hike 😜 . . . . . #nature #dogs #optoutside #thegreatoutdogs #dogsonadventures #adventuredog #dogsofinstagram #hiking #dogsthathike #hikingwithdogs #hikingdogsofinstagram #hikingadventures #australianshepherd #aussie #australianshepherdsofinstagram #canyoneering #utah #gsenm #grandstaircaseescalantenationalmonument
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